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Connect The Circle

CONNECT THE CIRCLE! A new Norwegian metal band with ex-members from bands like Rage In Eden, Ashes To Ashes, Forbidden Forest, Perfect NME, Lucid etc. 

Vocal: Arild Fevang
Guitar: Kenneth Brastad
Bass: Raymond Smith
Drums: Robert William

 "Connect The Circle" is a new metalband from Norway that`s currently working on their first album (This Is Madness). Their music is a mixture of every subgenre inside the world of rock & metal. Soaring, twisted and beautiful vocal-melodies combined with everything from the dark and groovy to some fast and happy riffs, spiced with a tiny touch of progressive elements.

Connect The Circle`s main goal is to write music without any boundaries within the genre of metal. Quote: "We write music we like ourselves... that`s it! We dont care if it`s glam, death, power or plain heavy metal etc, we just want to have fun performing our own songs".